Cognitive Behavioral Therapies Master of Science Program
Department of Psychology & Psychotherapy; Titu Maiorescu University

Presentation of psychotic disorder diagnosis induced by substance use. A case study

The essential elements of the substance-induced psychotic disorders are hallucinations and delusions, thought to be caused by drug consumption. The onset of the psychotic disorder varies considerably on the type of drug used. For example, a small dose of cocaine may produce psychosis within a few minutes, while alcohol or a sedative needs days or even weeks of use in high doses to produce psychosis. We will present a case with the diagnosis of substance-induced psychotic disorder, generalized anxiety and depressive episode. The subject started drug consumption in high school, because of the association between the entourage and the trauma of the grandfather's death. The subject used drugs only in the form of cigarettes with drug and in the present she is in the phase of abstinence.

Keywords: psychotic disorder, drugs, addiction, depression, anxiety, treatment