Cognitive Behavioral Therapies Master of Science Program
Department of Psychology & Psychotherapy; Titu Maiorescu University

Temperament – environment or gene?

In this paper we aimed to discuss about a controversial topic. To achieve this objective, we formulated arguments and counter-arguments in favor or against things found in literature. It is important to understand that temperament is influenced both by the environment and the gene, and a separation of the two is purely didactic. Temperament is defined as dynamic-energy, reactive and regulatory side of personality. We believe that there is a strong relationship between temperament and environment and between temperament and genes; each of these relationships can be seen in the context of moderation or mediation by the other factor; the relationship temperament-gene can be moderated by the environment and temperament-environment relationship may be mediated by the gene.

Keywords: temperament, environment, gene, personality, epigenetic status