Cognitive Behavioral Therapies Master of Science Program
Department of Psychology & Psychotherapy; Titu Maiorescu University

Objective and strategic talent management: Approaches to increasing human resources results

The human resources are an essential component of the organizational activity, component whose contribution and functioning may determine whether success is obtained or not. Talent management is a highly debated subject of the human resources field, but research has approached it only recently, raising the need of offering stronger conceptual delimitations, means of identifying criteria for the connection between talent and organizational success, providing strong methodology in assessing talent. Also, discussions are held related to whether talent management refers implies development of selection policies or strategies of increasing the possibility of employees to obtain higher positions within the company and even remaining stable elements of the organization.

The present article proposes to contribute to the academic debates regarding talent management both as a concept and a process integrated within human resources strategies.

Keywords: talent management, human resources, organizations, professional environments, career decisions, leadership potential